Retouching & Restoration

Photographs are so much more than just paper and chemicals. They are a connection to memories we have, to people we love and things we cherish. Time affects photos. Invariably, no matter how they are kept, they will fade, the dye will separate from the paper, cracks appear. Restoration of a photo can fix any decay and damage that has occurred and preserve this moment in time for future generations.

It hurts me to see old photos suffering. And sometimes it hurts too, when an almost perfect picture just needs a little bit of TLC to truly be a star. And of course sometimes extra editing is needed to prepare a photo for a certain purpose.

For all your restoration and retouching needs, a high quality digital copy of your original image will be created and worked on, using the latest technology and all my experience and passion.

Contact me if you want to see more of my retouching and restoration work.

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