I am interested in your Retouching Service. What can you do for me?

If you have an image you really like, “but …”. Well, I usually can fix that. The lighting wrong, glare in the glasses, somebody walking through the picture, faces too dark, red eyes, lip-stick in need of a touch-up, almost anything is possible. Basic and Advanced Retouching are offered to meet all your needs.

How do you price your services?

Please look at my Current Price Guide. It will give you an indication of the cost and scope of the services I provide. Because each photo or request is unique, to give you a definitive quote I must know more details and/or see the image (print or digital scan). Contact me to clarify any other questions you may have.

The photos I would like to have restorated are mouldy and have stains. Can you restorate them?

Yes. All photos can be restorated to a high quality result.

My photo has severe scratches and parts of it are unrecognizable. How will you restorate it?

Severe scratches can be fixed. Very time-consuming work might result in additional costs. Parts of a photo that are unrecognizable or are missing can be restorated only to a certain degree. If, for example, large parts of a person’s face are missing, the more information you can provide (for example in an extra photo), the more accurate the restoration will be.

How long does it take to complete my order?

Single images that need moderate work usually take about a week to process during most of the year. Bulk orders for retouching (30 images or more) and complex restorations may take longer. Delivery time also depends on the turnaround time of the printing services (if you requested prints). Rush orders are available at additional costs, however, if orders are placed close to holidays (especially Christmas), on-time delivery cannot be guaranteed.

How do I place an order?

Once you have accepted my quote in writing, I will get to work. My quotes are valid for 30 days.

How do I get my images to you?

There are several options:
  • Post your originals. Your local Post Office has special Photo Mailer envelopes available for purchase. You can choose registered mail. 
  • Save your images on a disc or USB stick and post that to me.
  • Email your images directly to me (up to 10 images)

Please note that az pictured requires photos to be a resolution of at least 300 dpi and prefers them saved in an uncompressed file format.
If you want to scan your photos yourself, make sure your scanner is preset to the proper resolution. Many scanners default to a setting lower than 300 dpi. Use 24 bit colour depth to ensure the highest visual quality. Refer to your scanner manual. For some restorations 300 dpi may not be enough. In that case we recommend you have your photo scanned by az pictured or a professional scanning service near you.
The use of a flat-bed scanner instead of a photo scanner or special purpose table top slide scanner is highly recommended. Clean the scanner’s glass with acid free window detergent before commencing.

Can I see the result of my order before I pay?

Yes! You will receive a low resolution watermarked sample (proof) of your order per email. Once received, your payment is due and if any printing service is required I will place your order with them right away. Large orders may require a deposit to be paid before work commences.