Badabim Badaboom, Fishing Rod Gone

The world LOVES taking photos. And with mobile phones and digital cameras it is easier than ever to snap away at whatever we see whenenver and wherever we see it. It is greatly liberating to be able to capture whatever we want to  just like that. And if the photo didn’t turn out too great we can just delete it at the end of the day. Awesome. But sometimes a photo doesn’t need to be deleted just because it is not quite perfect. Yes, digital retouching has such a bad reputation. But if used the right way and with respect it’s a kind of magic. And it doesn’t mean turning people into plastic. This is when this photo comes in. Taken on a beautiful day, capturing a relaxed, happy moment – if not for the darn fishing rod! I removed it with a lot of patience using all the usual tools in Photoshop, taking especially good care of the eye/nose/mouth area. A little punch in the colours and a crop and slight tilt completed this task. Now it does the special memories made on this beautiful day justice.



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