56 days to go – and no idea yet

OK, Father’s Day in Australia is on the first Sunday of September, which means this year I have another 50something days to get thinking.

Yes, we’ve been down the road with socks, ‘Dad’s the Best’ mugs, chocolates, funny undies, taking him to movies, breakfasts, cooking him special dinners, getting him control of the remote for the day….. We have given up on the Father’s Day Stall at school, really, it has always been a little, well, let’s say understocked. Most years we got creative ourselves, the boys and I, making cards and banners, taking photos and painting frames and making clay card holders. Done it all.

We did a little brainstorming just last week and this is what we came up with: nada, nothing, totally zero!

We should have known. We should have known last year already, when we organised that super duper present for him, that the year after would be a step down, no matter how hard we try. Because last year, after he got a new car after a nine months wait, we figured that the new apple of his eye should be in his office, too, to be admired all day. Dad loves his cars. Always has. They get polished and spoken to, and all of them had names. Since I love anything photo and I had done some of these for clients just shortly before, the boys suggested this. They decided on colours, and it was their idea to write this text on the number plate.


Needless to say that Dad was stoked. I can see him sitting in his office and lovingly looking up at that canvas  šŸ™‚

So this year we are in trouble, the boys and I. No ideas. Nothing big anyway. So maybe we just have to get back to basics, picnic at the beach, or breakfast at the Cafe in the park and kicking the ball around afterwards. And lots of extra hugs and kisses. Cause Dad loves his Auto. And we love our Dad.

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