Danger Zone

The beach can be a dangerous place. With recent winter storms causing havoc up and down the coastline it was a timely reminder to stay safe, away from the surf and the wind and the rocks.

Humans. We are so vulnerable. Cannot be without food and drink, obviously. Cannot be without shelter either, which separates us much more from any animal on the planet, I think. Going down the beach on a beautiful and sunny day it is especially fascinating to think that there are so many creatures exposed to wild weather 24/7, with nowhere to hide. And just when I had that thought, this little guy caught my eye.

The sun glare was strong and I couldn’t really see anything through the viewfinder, my hands were slippery from the sunscreen, so I just checked the settings and pressed the shutter release and hoped for the best. And yes, the wave was barely knee-high, but in photography everybody knows it’s all about the angles  šŸ˜‰



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