Cute Visitors

With many of the native flowers now in bloom, we get a lot of native birds visiting our garden. One of my favourites are these ones: Rainbow Lorikeets. Cutest little parrots. Watching them from the window they munch away on the little seeds and climb up and down all over the trees and bushes. They chat to each other and seem to have the most fabulous time.

Most mornings I cannot resist, drop everything else that I’m doing, including making school lunches, finding notes, doing the washing, feeding the dog, you know, Mum-stuff  πŸ˜‰   instead grab my camera and head outside to try to capture some of these little beauties.

‘Try’ I said, indeed. Taking photos of animals is my worst nightmare. Doesn’t matter whether dog or cat or chicken or duck … or parrot. They may look trustful and calm and cute from the distance, as soon as I come closer than 10 m they turn their backsides on me, or fly off. Try as I may to look like a tree or turn into a bush, they see right through me.

So these few photos are very special indeed   πŸ™‚



    1. azpictured

      There are indeed many wonderful birds in Oz. Nightmare for those with veggie patches and orchards, but lovely for all others. I think what it is with the Rainbow Lorikeet in particular is that it has a really sweet, good aura, you can’t feel bad when you watch them.

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