Rowboat Ripples

Another Restoration. Pretty straight forward:Β  Fix all the visible cracks and rips as well as the faded colour.

This photograph was taken in 1940 or 1941 in Pennsylvania. It shows a happy moment in time, seems to have no cares, but only smiles and summer joy.

To fix the visible cracks and rips was easy, but once I zoomed in there was a lot more going on, especially in the shadows of the photo. I took great care to fix the boat and the water in the foreground. There was also a lot of damage in the trees in the background, where the dye started separating from the paper.

It was not a crystal clear scan, so I chose to use some adjustment layers to bring in a bit more clarity, especially in the faces. I opted for a Black and White image with just a hint of sepia, but not too strong.



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