Find your inner Nanna

Spring has sprung. On the news they tell us to expect higher than average temperatures and less rain. It hasn’t rained in a few weeks already, our rainwater tank is empty and the garden is very dry. The higher than average temperatures are definitely true for this week, we are already hitting 27 degrees Celsius (sorry if you’re doing Fahrenheit, I’ve never quite gotten the hang of the conversions, 1 degree Celsius is 30something comma whatever it was Fahrenheit), in any case: too warm for this time of year.

We do dinner together on most days of the week, and I make an effort of producing a cake, a slice, some bikkies or chocolate mousse at least once a week. Totally depending on my time and fancy – and special requests from my hungry family 🙂 – but also depending on weather.

Summers are long in Australia and, surprising as it may be, eventually we get fed up with ice creams, or any of the fancy slices or quick bake cakes that don’t need a 180 degree (Celsius, again …) oven for an hour. Now when I heard it’s going to be hot way earlier than it should be I got that inner Nanna urge …. I rumaged through my recipe collection to make the most of the last few ‘cooler’ days before it’s just getting too hot in the house to be bothered with being anywhere near a hot oven for too long.

I decided on this Strudel recipe from my Grandmother. I watched her make this many times, and I was allowed to help her (she was quite a strict teacher), and I still remember the first time I made it on my own for my parents, who were kind enough to totally devour it 🙂

Making the dough, letting it rest, rolling it out, putting the filling on, and getting the whole lot on the baking tray without breaking …. it’s quite a rewarding feeling. Only to be topped by the gorgeous smells coming from the oven. And the total silence later at the table, when all you hear is chewing and spoons scraping off every last bit of strudel from the plates.

So go out there, give it a go. I can highly recommend it: find your inner Nanna  🙂




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