Sneaking Up

Did you check the calendar?

Oh yes, it is that time. Even if I wasn’t acutely aware that Christmas is barely three months away, drowning in work as it were, I would remember now, since as of yesterday the first Christmas decorations are at the shops.

Working as a portrait photographer is quite a seasonal business. These days, if it’s not for a special occasion people usually don’t much care about getting their portraits done. Everyone has half a decent camera and even with an iPhone you can take great pictures, as was proven by the winners of the 2013 iPhone Photography Awards just recently.

Clearly, my big season is now. Very, very busy. Which is why I was a bit quiet here lately, sorry if you missed me šŸ™‚

Good I am an organized person. My Christmas is usually planned and printed and done in August. Maybe I need the cold weather in Australia to feel christmassy, the European in me does miss white Christmas sometimes.

Enjoy this photo, my little elf sneaking up on the treats.





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