Simply do it and do it simple!

So many people are obsessed with photographic gear. Not a week passes where I am not asked what camera or lens or this or that I use. I always feel very awkward, I am not a photographer for National Geographic after all, and also not a pro of 20 years in the business. To be honest, I also feel a little bit insulted. I do hope I am defined by more than the equipment that I use for my work. You know, basic stuff like a good eye, a steady hand, some natural talent. And let’s not forget hours and hours of training and practice and learning and more practice, and more learning. My family knows well how many photos have turned out really crappy 😦  But there is hope, Henri Cartier-Bresson assures me β€œYour first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

Very many gear-obsessed people seem to also forget, that in order to learn about taking photos, you actually have to take photos! And lots and lots of them. No use having fancy gear and a fancy lens in a fancy bag at home in the closet, and not use it daily.

The recent iPhone Photography Awards showed us also that gear is not all it takes. ‘The winners captured an insanely impressive collection of snapshots taken with a smart phone device’ one Newspaper article told us. And, scrolling through the images, I can only agree. Very impressive indeed.

So I’ve decided to add another challenge for myself, whilst continuing to shoot heaps with the big camera, I’ll also use the iPhone more. Let’s see what comes of it.

This was taken with the iPhone at the beach last weekend. Insane light, very choppy sea. I know how it would have looked like with the big camera, but I am quite happy how it turned out with the iPhone as well. Maybe an entry for next years iPhone Photography Awards  πŸ˜‰





  1. angelinahue

    Fully agree! Just because you have a ‘fancy’ camera or one that is similar to that used by an established photographer doesn’t automatically make you a great photographer or that your images are good : )

    1. azpictured

      Thanks Angelina, there is no doubt that a good camera and especially a good lens can make a huge difference in improving the quality of photos, but it is a great reminder of what photography is all about when you just use a point and shoot for a day.

  2. Andrew Bain

    This also bemuses me. People who say, I could take photos as good as so-and-so if I had his/her gear, and then they sometimes go and cut the head or legs off someone in the next photo they take… A good photo is in the eye, not in the lens.

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