A Confession

Black-and-white images tend to not be starkly contrasted black and white, but combine black and white and a vast range of shades of grey (nothing to do with THAT book!).

Of course movies were originally in black-and-white, as were cartoons and photography. TV changed to colour as early as 1963 if you lived in the US, 1967 if you lived in the UK, and not so very long ago if you lived in Australia, who kept airing black-and-white broadcasts till 1975.

Newspapers and computers changed from monochrome prints and screens, and today fewer and fewer people have experienced the ‘good old times’ in black-and-white. For today’s generation it is an almost ancient thing. My eldest stayed up with us recently to watch a movie from 1992. Anxious, he asked ‘Is it in black-and-white?’.

Today newspapers limit their colour print due to costs, some modern film directors shoot movies occasionally in black and white as an artistic choice, but it is much less common for big Hollywood productions. It is, however, very much present in landscape, portrait and what is called Fine Art photography.

I do like black-and-white photography. Many times it is the only perfect choice for a photo, as colour would only take away from the overall effect.

However, I confess, I love colour and I do have colour dependency issues. So when I took this photo, I knew I wanted it in black-and-white, but I had to leave those flowers yellow, for a splash of colour  πŸ™‚



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