Pets allowed

My first Santa Photos this year. As a photographer that is.

Of course I have taken the kids to get their Santa Photos taken. Neither of them is a screamer, so all went well. Then they both grew a bit too fast, or maybe it was just a coincidence that all Santas in our area were midgets. No offense, but it is just looking a bit weird if the 10 year old sits on Santas lap in an odd sort of hunched over way to accommodate his long legs and smile in the camera while trying to lean back, but not too far, so that Santa can see the camera, too. We checked but didn’t really see any Santas or set-ups with maybe an extra wide bench, so we didn’t go anymore.

I remember I always used to watch the photographer, being a bit disappointed with their lack of obvious enthusiasm, I mean, hello, you get to take photos of people, it’s supposed to be fun! Their helper usually was the one jumping through hoops to make everybody feel at ease. Some of the photo packages were very expensive, too, overpriced actually, in my opinion. But as long as people line up … the joys of demand and supply.

Now, the local Cafe/Bistro and myself had the idea to do Santa Photos in our suburb. A lot of thinking went into the organization of things, decorations, Flyers got printed, emails were sent and prayers to the weather gods were issued, as the photos were to be taken outside, in the Cafe’s little courtyard.

I did some test shots, making sure that the green coloured shade sail wouldn’t give Santa a sickly greenish tint as well. And I did my best to prepare myself for any obstacles on the day: the sun moving, leaving people half in and half out of the shade, how to deal with crying children, how to avoid having people standing in my way, and obviously getting a hang of my flash and all my camera settings.

It did go well, no long queues or dramatic mishaps. We had little children, teenagers, Grandfathers, a lovely 90 year old Nan and quite a few dogs. Somebody had thought of bringing their cat, but in the end they didn’t 😦

I understand now why the photographers I used to watch were not that enthusiastic. I tried hard to be, but in the end I was very focused on my job: making sure the photos are great. I would have liked to watch myself, to be able to compare. Some lessons were learnt, and if we do it again next year, there will be some more decorations, definitely a carpet, and a little bit of a different set-up, but overall, I think it all went very well.

So thank you to all that came down, and if you are in our area and didn’t, maybe you’ll feel like coming next year. Bring your cat, I was really hoping for a cat.

Anyway, here are some of the Santa Photos, enjoy.




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