Month: January 2014

Who’s Ed Cal?

Every year towards the end of December a lot of notes tend to be everywhere around our house, with things to remember for the new year. It got a bit out of hand some years with so many notes, I lost track what was written where and got in trouble with my husband because of […]


Bride & Groom 2

One more time the same couple. This photo also had been displayed in a frame for a long time. Apart from the discolouration due to exposure to direct sunlight, the glass panel of the frame must have not been smooth but had a bumpy sort of pattern, because this bumpy sort of pattern got imprinted […]


Bride & Groom

800×600 This 40 year old wedding photo had spent considerable time in a frame. The part of the photo that was exposed to light turned slightly yellow. The part that was hidden under the frame kept its original colours much better. You can see the change in colour best on the grooms arm. A very […]