Bride & Groom


This 40 year old wedding photo had spent considerable time in a frame. The part of the photo that was exposed to light turned slightly yellow. The part that was hidden under the frame kept its original colours much better. You can see the change in colour best on the grooms arm.

A very good photo, I might add. Perfect lighting, whoever the photographer was, this was a job very well done.

As the original came to me already scanned, as usual there was a lot of dust, especially visible on the grooms blue suit. By now you’ll know that I’m good at dusting in Photoshop šŸ˜‰

To fix the colours was quite a bit of work, as the skin hues of the bride and the groom are naturally very different. I had to work on them separately and it took some tweaking till I was happy.Now it’s all brought back to its former glory. I hope the original stays safely in an album this time, and only a copy is being displayed.


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