Bride & Groom 2

One more time the same couple. This photo also had been displayed in a frame for a long time. Apart from the discolouration due to exposure to direct sunlight, the glass panel of the frame must have not been smooth but had a bumpy sort of pattern, because this bumpy sort of pattern got imprinted onto the photo as well. Big sigh!

The pattern gave me real grief! To get rid of that and fix up the colours I worked separately on everything: faces, flowers, dress, suit, background. Quite time consuming, and there are things that just cannot be rushed!

After a lot of TLC this is the result.

Please remember to use not your precious original photos for display! Keep them in a safe place and use a copy only.        




  1. Garrulous Gwendoline

    You are weaving some magic here. I was never happy with the colour in my wedding photographs even when they were new. My dress was the most pastel of pinks and I don’t think the developer could get his/her head around that. Must have been expecting a white dress. Had to send the prints back the first time. I used to have one photo in a frame but I can’t remember what happened to it. So am patting myself on the back that the rest are in an album with paper leaves between each page.

    1. azpictured

      Thanks Gwendoline, and pat on the back for you indeed for keeping your photos safe! Sorry to hear about your wedding photos though, maybe it was less personal opinion but lack of skill on the developer’s part 😦 But ‘most pastel of pinks’ – you got me interested now 😉

      1. Garrulous Gwendoline

        I must try to post a photo sometime. It was a ‘Gone with the Wind’ style dress, with a pale pink underskirt (satin if I remember) and tulle (?) on top. I’d already ‘tripped the light fantastic’ once before, so erred on the side of caution. I bought it from a store that sold “once worn” dresses. At least, that is how the sales lady described them 🙂

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