Guessing the View

For a change this restoration was without any faces. This is a postcard from the early 1950s.

On its back we have neat handwriting in blue ink and the postal stamp. At some stage the postcard must have served as a coaster, because there is a clear rim of a wet glass or mug.

Not being a photo per say, but a postcard, the paper was thicker, and the print was different. That might well have saved it from total deterioration.

Nonetheless there is quite a bit of mould going on, some scratches, blue ink splotches and the usual fading and change in colour.

As it’s probably hard to see on the big Before and After image, I included some detail images. They show what I tend to find only once I zoom in, and how fiddly this work can be. Sometimes it is hard to fix something 100%, like on the lampshade in the top image. I cloned as much as I could but without a pattern to copy from somewhere I had to get somewhat artistic with it. I copied the right, undamaged side of the lampshade, and flipped it, and used that as a guide for the strongly damaged left side of the lampshade.

Same with the window detail at the very bottom. Impossible to see what is mould and what is leaves and greenery outside of the room. So I was guessing the view  🙂




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