It’s about the Journey

A little while ago I wrote a post about the ‘The Perfect Sunset‘. In it I stated that I couldn’t find any foolproof information about predicting whether a sunrise or sunset is going to be one of the breathtaking ones or not. While I haven’t found any more scientific information in that regard, I have found myself a little bit more scientific background information about determining the exact spot where the sun will set (other than local knowledge and experience).

You might have learnt at school that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, as I have. Well, it is true of course, but with quite a bit of variation. So, just a compass won’t help you much. A photo book I have in my possession recommends this Sun Compass. It is a cool little gadget, but as the explanation tells us, it is set for London, and one has to make adjustments of 5 Degrees per 500 miles. As I am pretty much on the opposite side of the world from London, this doesn’t seem very logic to me.

Some more searching found me this website which tells me (same as the local weather man on tv) the exact times for sunrise and sunset, the weather and a wealth of other information that can be quite useful when you’re thinking of going out to chase a sunset on a couple of days in the coming week.

But the best website that I found is this one which lets you type in your location and on the map you’ll see straight away the exact point of sunrise and the sunset.

Beautiful Lake Macquarie has many jetties. Jetties and sunsets go great together, always have, always will be. In my office I have a large map of the Lake. With the help of the Sun Calculator I have started to draw in the exact position of the sunsets. My iphone has a compass, so I always double check on that one when I’m out and about as well, that I am accurate. Over time I’ll have a perfect map and will know exactly which jetty I should aim for. I’ll share it with you then, promise  🙂

There may well be easier and better ways of getting this map done (I have no doubt that there are some apps out by now), but I do enjoy making my dot on the map every day. After all, some things are more about the journey than the destination.



  1. agemstudio

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    This is so true! Sometimes the creative process takes you by the hand down a path you didn’t expect or even suspect. But if you don’t set out in the first place you will never know where it could take you…

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