A Soft Spot

I do love faces. Children are the easiest to photograph, adults much harder, and women the worst. They rarely like their appearance (I know the feeling!) and are generally incredibly nervous during a shoot and very critical after a shoot.

This 1400 Mitsubishi Galant is the car of a teacher at my young one’s school. It was parked in the back of the school every day, and we admired it during drop-offs and pick-ups. It probably sounds crazy, but I am sure it winked at us a couple of times, it has that much character! Finally, I took courage and got myself the permission to shoot this car.

I should probably say that I have a soft-spot for little cars, and I am driving myself the Galant’s follower model, the Mitsubishi Colt, which has the name Richard Lionheart. Yes, I do name my cars.

I spent a happy hour circling it with my camera, tripod and various lenses. A wonderful quiet and non-fidgety subject that wasn’t self-conscious for a change 🙂



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