Hidden Quality

Extremely thick coasters or maybe paper weights.

That’s generally what people think when they visit my stall at markets or come to my studio and see the acrylic photo blocks for the first time.

Goes to show that acrylic blocks are still fairly new in Australia. Not many people are familiar with them.

Which is good in two ways:

One, it makes me feel like a bit of a trendsetter, and two, it creates an instant talking point, makes for some laughs and gives me a chance to hand out my card.

I do really love the acrylic blocks, they come in many sizes, but my favourites are the 5×7″ and the cute little 10x10cm. I know, different measurements, keeps me up with my measurement conversions, let me tell you πŸ™‚

Whether with my images, whether with inspirational quotes, or with your images: they are the most stylish and newest way to present any image with a frameless floating like effect.

This Christmas many clients will be the trendsetters amongst their friends and families, having ordered a wide variety of images and family photos on their own special stylish acrylic photo block.

Wish I could be there will all of them when presents get unwrapped on Christmas morning πŸ™‚


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