Clean Sheet

It’s a new year. Yay. It was a lovely festive season in our house, and once the rush and bustle of the festive season was over we had a lovely evening at a friend’s place, where the new year began with laughter and chatter and sparklers and bubbly.

Now the new year is a week old. Facebook and especially Instagram feeds are still flooded with New Year resolutions of all kind, and frankly, I’m getting a bit fed up with them all.

I remember that even as a child it made not much sense to me when the adults talked at length about what they were wanting to change the following year. I’m probably to pragmatic about that. If you want to change it, just do it. Which proves why this slogan of a very famous sports brand is not only very clever but also very to the point. No more excuses. No more blabla. Just do it.

Anyways. As different religions and regional cultures celebrate new year at different times of the year, each with their own outbursts of great plans and resolutions, we are but a small drop in the ocean and are mostly taken ourselves way to serious yet again.

If anything I quite like to be reminded that January is named after Janus, the Roman god of gates, doors and beginnings, who, with his two faces was said to look both forward as well as backwards. For me, New Years is more for reflection and looking backwards than looking forward with great plans.

Forward is a clean sheet. Clean like the new calendars, which are still empty and stress free and not filled to the brim with things to do, to remember, to organise, to buy.

Here’s to a new year, with all that it may bring our way 🙂




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