A Lament Over Chocolate


The two (in my opinion) main chocolate feasts of the year, Easter and Christmas, coincide with the hotter months of the year. It’s a really bad combination, because who likes to eat melted chocolate?

For most Australians this is the norm, they grew up with it, they don’t know any different, for but for an European flower like myself, the switched seasons are still one of the harder aspects to overcome Down Under, even after all the years we’ve been here.

When the kids were little we lived in Canberra, where spring and autumn generally deliver a pleasant 20 degree temperature difference between day and night, and where winters do get well below 0 degrees. It made perfect sense that the Easter Bunny brought new warm house shoes and a new winter pajama every year. And the early morning Easter Egg Hunts were a pleasant, non-perspiring affair, and chocolates melted only once tightly gripped by small children’s hands, not during the 2 minutes ‘hiding’ in the grass or in this or that garden bed.

All different now, even though the kids are older now and the ‘hunt’ is done in a jiffy. Still, this Easter Sunday we turned on the air condition around lunch time, because the chocolate eggs were melting in their baskets.

Which gave me the idea of a shoot. And rise to the lament over chocolate. Because chocolate is not what it used to be. If you delve into this subject you will find many consumer sites that complain about changes in recipes, changes in production processes, changes in quality of well-known chocolates that have been around since their childhood, and are just now … different.

So for this shoot, in my head, I had this idea of a chocolate Easter Bunny melting, the chocolate dripping down, oozing, glossy, wonderful, delectable chocolate. Judging by how fast chocolate melts in children’s hands and in the sun, I thought this would be no problem whatsoever. I set up the studio, set up the chocolate Bunny, got the camera ready and started melting the chocolate with the help of a hair dryer.

The bunny started looking exactly how I’d imagined it: glossy and chocolately melty. And that was it. After that stage no more melting. Eventually the bunny just collapsed. I tried it several more times, different brands, different price range, I used some chocolate Santas that I had kept for this experiment … You see the result. The better brand chocolate didn’t even get glossy, but left a puddle of yuk at the bottom, lovely fatty yuk. Brrrr.



My scientist husband remarked that it was either the hair dryer or the fact that it was chocolate that had been melted previously to get into its shape that my experiment failed. He’s used to experiments failing, I’m not so much. So for now my enthusiasm is a little deflated, which doesn’t mean I’ll try a different approach some time in the future. Meh.




  1. Garrulous Gwendoline

    Oooh, imagine he had only melted on one side. Then he would like a deformed bunny with one bright eye and one like something from a horror movie. So maybe just as well he would only fall to pieces. As for the egg situation, perhaps you will just have to revert to the traditional technique of colour staining boiled eggs to “reclaim” your memories?

      1. Garrulous Gwendoline

        Maybe sit him next to a burning candle on one side? How great you still do the coloured eggs! Let’s hope your sons carry the tradition forward. (say she, who has never done one in her entire life).

      2. azpictured

        Lol Gwen, the coloured egg thing is greed more than anything, as we eat half a dozen or so cold for lunch on Easter Sunday. Teenagers are always hungry πŸ˜‰ And not candle, you’ll have to wait and see.

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