Lime Yours


Limes are considered one of life’s little pleasures. It’s an incredibly versatile fruit which can be used whole or only the juice, peel or zest. Opportunities are endless!

Supermarkets largely only offer us the one and only version of lime, however, there come in a large variety within this complex family of citrus genus. There are Australian desert limes, finger limes, blood limes, Kaffir limes, Key limes, Musk limes, Persian limes, Rangpur limes, Spanish limes and Limequat.

Limes have higher contents of sugars and acids than lemons. Major producers are Mexico, China and India; the latter leading a global production of lemon and limes of 17.3 million tonnes (2016) with 17% of the world total.

Fun Fact: Limes start green and ripen to orange and then yellow if left on the tree. The taste doesn’t actually change between these stages, however they’re primarily harvested green so consumers don’t confuse them with lemons!


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