Welcome to azpictured!

azpictured is me. My mind never stops seeing.
I love my family. My husband is my soul mate.
Great passion for flowering plants. Mother of all lists.
Daily cook and weekly baker. Soup indulger. Can’t say no to Bubbly.
Don’t speak to me before I had some time to stare into my cup of tea in the morning.
I love chocolate as a ‘side’ with my coffee after lunch.
If I can’t find it, it is truly lost.
I like long walks. No camping, thank you very much.
I’m neither a party girl nor a night owl.
Apparently, when I laugh really hard I sound like a camel at the waterhole. I love foot rubs.
Astute observer. Master at puzzle games. Awesome at Bookworm. I find science fascinating.
I love colours. I like wearing black. Favourite colour white. I doodle.
I listen to punk rock and opera. Loudly. I sing in the car, and I sound great.
I love looking at art, photos, sunsets, great faces, good advertising, eating parrots, pretty cupcakes, laughing children.
My heart hurts when I see photos suffering. I love history and since photos are a part of it, I think they deserve better.
I like telling my kids the stories behind all our photos, and there are many. Photos I mean.
Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this.
If you are interested in getting to know me better, just drop me a line. I’d like that!

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    1. azpictured

      Thanks Susi, it’s all good, I literally only just changed my profile pic before you posted your comment, so it is very new. Thank you, it’s not always that a vague idea in my head turns out the way I want it to 🙂

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