The Past – Restaurated

Memories fade with age, as do printed photographs. Unlike memories, photographs can also be damaged by water, fire, smoke, exposure to sunlight, spilled coffee. Psychologists believe that photographs are important in children’s lives to help them form a meaning of self, and to identify their place in their social world. Recent research has shown that photographs trigger memories in people suffering from brain damage, dementia or Alzheimer’s. Historians love photographs, for obvious reasons. The digital age is a different matter entirely, but I can’t stand to see physical prints be in bad shape. So I give them some TLC, if I can.

Part of Our World

This post is totally unrelated to photography, but totally related to az pictured’s daily fairings during school holidays, which just finished for us. You see, my young one is a great singer. Choir boy, soloist, rock-star in the shower. And he has this tendency to burst into song ….. constantly and always and everywhere. Sometimes […]


Pink Me

Early paper and ink quality wasn’t all that great and, unfortunately, when you’re looking at your old colour photographs from long(er) ago you’ll notice they’ve mostly turned a weird mush of yellows or pinks. They are likely otherwise undamaged, but the discolouration is usually not very pretty. Like in this photo from my collection from […]


The Status Quo

A class photo. All girls around the age of 8-10 years old, dressed for their Holy Communion. Very serious faces, they probably would have gotten into trouble for smiling, let alone laughing out loud, on what would have been an important religious ceremony in their family and community. And you just didn’t smile in photos […]