The Past – Restored

fixing old or damaged photos and giving them all the TLC they deserve

I am no Michelangelo

Just finished this digital restoration the other day. Obviously the original had a few issues, the biggest problem the missing arm of the subject. Then some water damage, the most visible being the stain on the ladies forehead. And a few little rips and scratches. I was intrigued by the photo because of the blouse, […]


Guessing the View

For a change this restoration was without any faces. This is a postcard from the early 1950s. On its back we have neat handwriting in blue ink and the postal stamp. At some stage the postcard must have served as a coaster, because there is a clear rim of a wet glass or mug. Not […]


Bride & Groom 2

One more time the same couple. This photo also had been displayed in a frame for a long time. Apart from the discolouration due to exposure to direct sunlight, the glass panel of the frame must have not been smooth but had a bumpy sort of pattern, because this bumpy sort of pattern got imprinted […]


Bride & Groom

800×600 This 40 year old wedding photo had spent considerable time in a frame. The part of the photo that was exposed to light turned slightly yellow. The part that was hidden under the frame kept its original colours much better. You can see the change in colour best on the grooms arm. A very […]


Good as New

This restoration might just have come in the nick of time. Mold was present, the photo had water damage, and started to turn yellow altogether . I fixed the big scratch, all the water blotches, the mold, worked on colour and contrast, and voila … Pretty little girl on a special day. Taken in the […]


Rowboat Ripples

Another Restoration. Pretty straight forward:  Fix all the visible cracks and rips as well as the faded colour. This photograph was taken in 1940 or 1941 in Pennsylvania. It shows a happy moment in time, seems to have no cares, but only smiles and summer joy. To fix the visible cracks and rips was easy, […]