The Past – Restored

fixing old or damaged photos and giving them all the TLC they deserve

Black & White Beauty

A beautiful image, I really love this one. It’s obvious that the photographer cared very much about his (or her) subject and was so focused on her pretty face that he didn’t pay attention to her feet. The pretty young woman had to look into the sun, and by the length of the shadow I’m […]


Dad’s Precious

A lovely shot of a newborn in Dad’s arms. For Dad’s birthday this already special photo  was meant to be printed on canvas and hung in the living-room amongst several other photos that were all black and white. So this photo of Dad’s precious had to be turned black and white as well. I felt […]


On that note …

The motorbike in the restoration I have previously written about has caused quite a stir. Knowing nothing of motorbikes myself, I did some digging and I have found out that BIANCHI was founded in Italy in 1885. From 1900 till 1939 they produced cars and commercial vehicles under the name Autobianchi, but that business was […]



This was a restoration I did a while ago. This photo was taken in 1939 in the beautiful town of Gioia del Colle in the province of Bari, Apuglia, Italy, famous for its wine and mozzarella. The image was badly ripped and scratched and had a lot of red stains, which I’m hoping were wine […]