A Confession

Black-and-white images tend to not be starkly contrasted black and white, but combine black and white and a vast range of shades of grey (nothing to do with THAT book!). Of course movies were originally in black-and-white, as were cartoons and photography. TV changed to colour as early as 1963 if you lived in the […]


Find your inner Nanna

Spring has sprung. On the news they tell us to expect higher than average temperatures and less rain. It hasn’t rained in a few weeks already, our rainwater tank is empty and the garden is very dry. The higher than average temperatures are definitely true for this week, we are already hitting 27 degrees Celsius […]


Cute Visitors

With many of the native flowers now in bloom, we get a lot of native birds visiting our garden. One of my favourites are these ones: Rainbow Lorikeets. Cutest little parrots. Watching them from the window they munch away on the little seeds and climb up and down all over the trees and bushes. They […]