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I have learned about myself that I find it hard to stick to one medium and one style forever and be happy. It has taken a long time to accept that it is ok to prefer to move on and explore different styles, mediums, ideas after a while, in fact, it has been quite liberating to come to that conclusion. Instead of punishing myself for being what could be perceived as ‘inconsistent’, I am embracing the exploration of my creativity. The series’ born as a result are varied and reflect my mindset and the world around me at the time they were created.

While some works are a once-off idea, the majority are available for purchase on a variety of mediums.

Inquiries are most welcome.

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Wave, Ripple, Splash

The introduction to the world of Japanese Anime came through my sons, both avid fans. Over time a lot of things to do with Japanese food, art, gardening, and architecture crept into our lives. I didn’t skip the Japanese works any more when visiting a gallery or museum. I followed the travels of friends to Japan with avid interest. I learned about Japanese block printing and line drawing. The Great Wave of Hokusai was one of he first artworks I really was drawn to. From there, it evolved. When the works Mori Yūzan fell into my lap I couldn’t resist.

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This series is inspired by the mathematical rules on which kaleidoscopes operate.
One of my original photographs is digitally changed to create an image that could represent itself were we looking at the original scene through a kaleidoscope.
Many times, the images seem to be having a tendency to want to be mandalas, too, and as there is no doubt in the balancing-process of the psyche when it comes to mandalas, I let them.
This is a creative process, each image is worked on individually, no pre-fabricated action or filter is being applied.
My aim is to create an image that gives the colours, the look and the feel of the original photograph.

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I can’t stop seeing – it’s at the core of all that I do. My brain constantly looks for colours and shapes and my fingers itch to preserve the scene before me. Over time the photography I like has changed, I now often like to set my own scene instead of just capturing what’s in front of me, or even create it the digital way.

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The Past – Restaurated

Memories fade with age, as do printed photographs. Unlike memories, photographs can also be damaged by water, fire, smoke, exposure to sunlight, spilled coffee. Psychologists believe that photographs are important in children’s lives to help them form a meaning of self, and to identify their place in their social world. Recent research has shown that photographs trigger memories in people suffering from brain damage, dementia or Alzheimer’s. Historians love photographs, for obvious reasons. The digital age is a different matter entirely, but I can’t stand to see physical prints in bad shape. So I give them some TLC, if I can.

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You Are Not Alone

Following the popular hashtag from the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, this series was created when we were in lockdown and it occurred to me to explore how famous artists of the past may have interpreted the same situation in their work. This is the result.

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